Quality Assurance & Testing Services

DesIDEA Quality Assurance services ensure that software fully meets requirements and user expectations. To meet the needs of our international clients, we have a safe infrastructure, the appropriate tools, and testing capabilities.

Delivering high-quality software and giving your end users the best experience are made possible with the expertise of the DesIDEA Quality Assurance Framework.

Our Test Planning and Test Execution Techniques aims to deliver consistent results through a set of standardized procedures for achieving the desired results and hit specific quality benchmarks.

Software Testing Flow

Test planning

Test analysis

Test Design

Test Execution

Test Result Analysis

Reportings & Closure Activities

Types of applications that DesIDEA can test in Health care, Finance, Banking, Manufacturing and Retail domain

Mobile Apps

Web Apps

Desktop Apps

SAAS Software

Enterprise Software

Data warehouses and Databases

Microservice-Based Software

Big data Application

IOT Applications

Blockchain Application

Medical Device Software

Ecommerce Software

Our excellent software quality assurance services are cost-effective while
enhancing customer experience, speed, quality, and security.

Types of Testing

Integration Testing

Functional Testing

Regression Testing (Automation)

Penetration Testing

Performance Testing

User Acceptance

Why choose us for your software testing needs?

Comprehensive Quality Assessment

Highly Skilled Team

Experience Across Industries

Competitive Pricing

Focused On Your Needs

Robust Test Automation

Transparent Reporting

Zero Defect Spill Rate

DesIDEA Software Technologies have been helping start-ups to large enterprises achieve seamless digital transformation, For testing that guarantees bugs never come in contact with your customers.

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